Russia raises US, prepares the fastest hypersonic missile

Russia has developed a New Clair missile that can travel 27 times faster than the speed of sound, thus leaving the United States behind in the hypertonic arms race.

According to a report by foreign news agencies, Russia’s new Evangerd missile, which has been under investigation for several years, has been installed in defensive installations on Friday, December 27, after having undergone all stages of preparation.

The Russian Defense Minister gave President Vladimir Putin a report of installation, saying that the Hyper Sonic missile is now fully operational and fully prepared for combat duty.

Putin says the missile proved that Russia is now at the forefront of developing new quality weapons, comparing this technological advance to the first satellite released by Russia in 1957.

Putin also claimed that the missile could withstand a range of 2,000 degrees Celsius, which could be triggered by hyper-sonic flying at speeds far beyond the speed of sound.

The Russian president further said that this new missile, which would be like a fireball, would attack its target like a sahib, and would disarm the missile defense system.

Russia claims that the Evangerd missile moves so fast in the air that it is difficult to stop it. In addition, the missile can attack any location in the world and defeat the US-made missile defense system.

It should be noted that the United States is also working on hypertonic weapons. US Defense Secretary Mark Asper said in August 2019 that it was only a matter of years before the US would develop a hyper-sonic weapon.

China has already tested its Hyper Sonic missile, which is said to be 5 times faster than the speed of sound.

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