Delhi police also started catching Muslims on the way

In India, atrocities have been carried out on Muslims. On the way, senior citizens are also being detained by police. Journalists are also under pressure to ask questions.

Discrimination against Muslims in India is getting worse, Delhi Police are forcibly arresting Muslims, including elders, without violating any law, including Section 144.
On social media, a local Indian journalist, Mohammad Zubair, shared a video which shows a policeman driving a weak Muslim citizen in a car and forcing him into a car, while an elderly citizen resisted. Pushed into the car

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Uday Singh Rana, a local journalist at UP Bhawan at the scene, wrote on Twitter that when I asked the police why the only person who did not even violate 144 was detained, I was told to remain silent.

“The policeman said don’t ask questions, to which I replied that asking questions is actually my job,” he said. The journalist also wrote, “Thank God I had my press card, which is like insulting and targeting particular religion.”

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The ruling BJP of India has implemented a controversial law in the country called the CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) under which Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, apart from Muslims coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Jane and the Parsis will be granted citizenship.

Controversial law has been widely protested all over India, especially Muslims, as well as citizens and opposition parties from other faiths, including Hindus, Sikhs and Christians in general.

The protests are all about the students, who launched a massive protest from several large universities, which spread to several cities, killing dozens and injuring hundreds in violent protests. Curfew is imposed in many cities while the army is also at peace. Called to maintain order status.

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