The recitation of the Quran in the charming voice of an American singer

Video of the recitation of the Koran in the touching voice of American singer Jennifer Jarrott has gone viral on social media. This video has been getting a lot of encouragement from users.

This video of the recitation of the scripture was actually shared by Jennifer Jarut from her Facebook account on December 20th and congratulated her followers on Friday.

In the video, the singer recited verses 285 and 286 of Surah Al-Baqara in the style of renowned Egyptian poet Muhammad Siddique Al-Manshawi.

So far, Jennifer’s account has only seen 440,000 views on Jennifer’s account. Like 17,000 people shared and more than 11,000 people shared, while more than 3,000 people commented. In addition, thousands of people downloaded and uploaded this video from their own accounts.

Remember that earlier Jennifer Jarut shared the video of the verse reading on social media, which she liked most on social media, but some social media users expressed surprise.

Later Jennifer explained on Facebook that I wanted to tell people who were shocked when the verse was read that I was a Muslim and I accepted Islam in Morocco in 2013.

Jennifer Jarrott is a US citizen. They do not know a word of Arabic, but they have the wonderful ability to sing in Arabic.

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