Sales of 26 Million Facebook Users for Data on the Dark Web

Hackers have stolen data from 26 million Facebook users and put it up for sale on the Dark Web. Including photos, IDs, e-mails and phone numbers.

Cyber ​​Security and Technology website Computers Tech reports that hackers have put all the information of millions of accounts into a hackers forum and belong to ordinary criminal gangs.

According to the report, the worrying thing is that this hacked data can not only be accessed without password and restrictions that all this information can also be downloaded from hackers forum. This database includes most Americans.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We are trying to resolve this issue, but probably this information has been stolen prior to Facebook’s precautionary measures because several years ago Facebook took important steps to protect users’ data. Were raised

According to the report, the stolen database of Facebook is still available and can be accessed which contains Facebook details of millions of people.

It should be noted that Facebook has previously admitted that some part of the data of 87 million people has been stolen, the majority of Americans. At the beginning of the year, Facebook has also fined $ 5 billion for the same crime.

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