The kid who made the most money on YouTube

American child Ryan Cajee made more than $ 1 billion this year.

Ryan, an eight-year-old student, made a total of $ 20 million from his YouTube channel in 2000 with the help of such videos.

According to Forbes Magazine, Ryan Kaze became the highest grossing YouTube star in recent years.

In honor of Ryan Ryan World subscribers reached the two million mark, starting in 2000 with the help of parents, in honor of Ryan.

Ryan Kaji’s fascinating videos have been viewed almost thirty-five billion times so far.

Sometimes alone with adults, toys are inboxed by the child as they experiment while playing.

Not only Ryan, other child-rearing channels are also popular on YouTube.

Like CocoMillon’s nearly seven million subscribers, Nestia Vlog’s more than 7 million subscribers, Kids Diana Show is making millions of dollars annually with more than four million subscribers.

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