Ali Abbasi Kaswal on the verdict of serious treason case

Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi has expressed grief over the death sentence issued to former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

The special court sentenced Pervez Musharraf to December 17 in a serious treason case and sentenced him to 17 December, a 196-page written decision was issued yesterday.

In a written decision regarding hanging of Musharraf’s body at D Chowk for three days, Hamza Abbasi raised the question why different law is applicable for everyone in our country?

Expressing deep concern over the words used by Musharraf, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a related excerpt on the social networking site Twitter, saying, “I withdraw my words related to the judges on the army or Pakistan. Don’t be accused of being hostile. ”

The actor wrote that he was shocked to see the words, it was not the rule of law. These words in the judgment are plainly illegal, immoral and plain wrong.

In the next tweet, he wrote that Pervez Musharraf was publicly hanged and his body hung for three days in D Chowk. But when the nation demanded that the abusers and the killers of the children be publicly executed, we were told that No law exists.

Hamza raised the question as to which law in the constitution did the judge sentence Musharraf? ۔

Earlier, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that people belonging to the PML-N and all the intellectuals had accused the courts of stubbornness of the Establishment after the decision of Nawaz Sharif. Now will they apologize?

Last month, during a 23-minute video twitter sharing Twitter, Hamza Ali Abbasi told his fans that I am currently turning away from showbiz and that what I will be doing in the future will be for the promotion of religion. I will make videos that will answer people’s questions, plus make a movie drama or anything, they will not contain any element of fantasy or masculinity. I will create for Islam and the country.

Hamza Ali Abbasi made it clear that I am avoiding acting to the extent of the media because it involves doing serious plays, commercials and videos and I do not want to have such serious talk on the one hand and all that on the other. Do.

Hamza Kamizid, who plays the main character in A, said that if I had been taking the edge for a long time from acting, nobody would think that I was doing it to be famous. I was thinking this long ago. The drama serial “A” did because it had a message about Allah, otherwise it would have been Mula Jat my last movie.

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