You Are To Me: Ayesha Koshal in the play, Suirandim

Leading actress and producer Swaira Nadeem says that she actually slapped actress Ayesha Khan in the drama serial “I Have You”.

Speaking to the private YouTube channel “Something Hot”, actress Swaira Nadeem recounted her role in the popular drama “I Have You” and the viral video of Sen’s slap on social media these days. To make the show real, we decided that in this scene of the play, we would be the real slap.

Swaira further added that the importance of these plays in the plays is that the men should not be shown slapping a woman.

“I don’t believe in fake slaps and acting, I think you should work very closely with reality to kill the characters, and if slap is a thing, then it really should be killed,” he said.

It should be noted that senior actress Swaira Nadeem is playing the role of Mahwari’s wife Mahama in the play “I have you”, slapping her role in one of the plays says consumers will be remembered. ۔

The hashtag Sleep of the Century has been trending on social media for several days after the drama scene went viral.

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